Kinross’ Kris Sims takes helm of Nevada Mining Association

Congratulations to Kris Sims, Vice-President, Regional Financial Officer, Americas who was recently named the new Chairman of the Nevada Mining Association.

Kris assumed the role at the association’s annual convention on September 12th in Lake Tahoe, Nevada and addressed close to 500 people about the top priorities he wants to focus on during his year-long tenure.

His priorities include educating others about the postive impact of mining in Nevada, encouraging the use of the “all-in sustaining cost” metric for mining companies and promoting legislation that will benefit both the industry and the state.

He also believes that a continued focus on safety practices is paramount for the industry. “We must continue to strive for zero incidents. Anything less is unacceptable.”

“I have already had the pleasure of awarding my colleagues at Round Mountain with the ‘Safest Mine in Nevada’ prize. That was a highlight,” continued Kris.

Kris has been a member of the association’s Board since 2012 prior to being appointed.

Kris Sims, Vice-President, Regional Financial Officer, Americas, and new Nevada Mining Association Chairman