Kinross launches 25-year anniversary microsite

To commemorate our 25th anniversary, we have launched a microsite – – to highlight Kinross’ key moments and accomplishments.

The microsite celebrates the history and accolades of Kinross and the people who have contributed to 25 successful years. Below is a snapshot of what is included on the microsite:

  • Our Story: a video capturing the values that make up Kinross and how they have shaped the Company.
  • Our History: a timeline showcasing key moments, accolades and milestones.
  • Our People: featuring several LOVA winners that exemplify Kinross’ values.
  • Kinross Today: highlighting who we are today and looking forward to the future of Kinross.

Thank you to all employees who have made this amazing accomplishment happen! We are a leader in our industry thanks to your skills and contributions. Kinross has a promising future ahead and we look forward to another 25 years of delivering value.