Kinross launches global Innovation Opportunity Fund

To kick off 2018, Kinross has launched a new, global program called the Innovation Opportunity Fund.

The program has been designed to encourage all employees to submit innovative ideas that could improve Kinross’ operations. The goal is to facilitate best practice sharing and give successful innovation ideas a global lens.

Employees with ideas should visit the Continuous Improvement and Innovation webpage to access the submission form. The Innovation Steering Committee, chaired by Lauren Roberts, Chief Operating Officer, and Paul Tomory, Chief Technical Officer, will meet bi-monthly to review and approve submissions. 

The top ideas will be evaluated and implemented following approval. Once implemented, ideas will be considered for sharing at additional sites to share best practices and further this global initiative.

“At Kinross, we believe our people on the ground have the firsthand knowledge that can better our business,” said Lauren Roberts, Chief Operating Officer. “This fund is designed to encourage all employees to submit ideas that can improve our business and operations, and make us a more safe and efficient company.”

“Innovation is extremely important to our business’ success and we want to promote innovation across Kinross,” said Paul Tomory, Chief Technical Officer. “We are excited to see what our employees come up with and encourage anyone with an idea to share it with our innovation team.”

The maturity matrix will help Kinross’ innovators identify how developed the idea is.