Kinross Paracatu employee wins literature award

Congratulations to our very own Ester Garcia Barros, Apprentice, Paracatu, who won the local SESI (social services of Brazil) school literature competition. Her story about love stood out from hundreds of applications in the annual contest.

She was given the award at the end of July at the SESI Minas theatre in Belo Horizonte. This year, the competition received 20% more applications than before from young writers across 80 different industries.

Ester is part of Paracatu’s training and apprenticeship program for youth with disabilities that began one year ago, in partnership with SESI.

Ester Garcia Barros, Apprentice, Paracatu, (middle) with a SESI representative and Karla Nascimento, HR analyst, Paracatu, (right) after she won the literature competition

Ester and Karla at the awards ceremony