Kinross Paracatu launches ‘Leadership Development Program’

Kinross Paracatu recently launched the ‘Leadership Development Program’ in collaboration with local and corporate human resource teams that focus on enhancing corporate culture through senior leaders.

“The Leadership Development Program prepares our leaders to guide their employees through operational challenges as a cohesive team,” said Rodrigo Gomides, Operations Director, Paracatu.

The program has already brought together over 40 supervisors, managers and department heads for training sessions that focus on strategic areas of improving culture, employee relations and preparing leaders for challenging operational situations as a team.

Training sessions will continuous in May and take place over the course of the month. Leaders will be taken through information sessions, team building exercises, and real-time simulations to provide our employees with top management styles that result in operational excellence.

“We believe we have a strong team at Paracatu, and by enhancing our leadership styles, we can operate more efficiently and be prepared in the event of an emergency”, said Eduardo Magalhães, HR, IT and Procurement Director, Paracatu.  

Employees work together during a team building exercise focused on culture

Employees listen during a workshop