Kinross participates in annual Russia hockey tournament

Last month, Kinross participated in the seventh annual hockey tournament. In Anadyr, in the Chukotka region. The two-day tournament brings together local community members and Kinross employees for a raucous and competitive game of hockey.

‘The Kinross Nuggets’, made up of employees from the Kupol and Dvoinoye sites and the Toronto office, played against the local Anadyr Dynamos.

It was a heated competition as teams worked hard to bring home the championship title. The games were broadcast on local stations, and while it may not have been the Stanley Cup, it did not stop viewers from all over Chukotka from tuning in to watch how the games unfolded. While the Kinross Nuggets didn’t come out on top, the tournament had a positive impact on employees’ spirits.

Claude SchimperRegional Vice-President, Russia, did the ceremonial first puck drop and local indigenous Chukotka singers and dancers performed at the opening ceremonies to bring awareness to their culture and heritage in Russia.

Photos by Heidi-May Schimper

Local indigenous performers at the opening ceremonies

The ceremonial puck drop by Claude Schimper, Regional Vice-President, Russia

The Kinross Nuggets after their final game