Kinross releases 2015 Corporate Responsibility report

In August, we launched our 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report, a detailed analysis of our progress over the past two years in delivering on our commitment to responsible mining.

“Mining responsibly is integral to our business strategy and our approach to operational excellence,” said J. Paul Rollinson, President and CEO. “The mining industry has a unique opportunity to make a positive and lasting contribution to the well-being of employees and host communities. At Kinross, we believe our long term strength is underpinned by our ability to transform that opportunity into real and sustainable returns for all our stakeholders.”

Highlights from the 2015 report include:

Health & Safety

  • Best safety performance in the Company’s history in 2015
  • 23% decline in total reportable injury frequency rate from 2013-2015

Economic Benefit

  • US$4.8 billion spent in host countries through wages, taxes and procurement from 2014-2015
  • 97.4% of Kinross workforce hired in host countries
  • 79% of goods and services sourced in-country

Community Engagement

  • 168,000 interactions with stakeholders in 2015
  • Reached more than 770,000 beneficiaries through community programs, initiatives and events through cash and in-kind contributions representing 1.4% of EBITDA


  • 38% reduction in water use over past two years
  • 10% increase in the volume of waste recycled at our mines