Kinross renews its global alliance with Caterpillar

Kinross recently renewed its five-year global alliance agreement with Caterpillar, the world’s largest mining equipment manufacturer.

The agreement is a framework for doing business with our single biggest supplier for all of our mining equipment such as trucks and loaders. Benefits of the alliance with Caterpillar include discounts on parts, services and machinery.

Last year, Kinross was able to realize savings of approximately $13-million in maintenance, supply chain and Continuous Improvement (CI) projects from the partnership.

Nicholas Macan, Senior Manager, Supply Chain Enablement and Mobile Equipment, negotiated the new agreement and expects many operational and supply chain benefits. It also helps with CI innovation, a main driver in lowering operating costs for the Company.

“Cost savings aren’t the only benefit,” said Nicholas. “The alliance brings a global relationship with Caterpillar, and their direct support in resolving technical and dealer issues. For example, when we wanted to deliver a 6060 shovel to Round Mountain that had originally been purchased for Tasiast, Caterpillar facilitated the transfer of the sale to the alternate dealer at no additional cost.”

Paul Tomory, Senior Vice-President, Operations Strategy, Phil Kelliher, Caterpillar’s Vice President, Distrubution, Americas and Warwick Morley-Jepson, Executive Vice-President  & Chief Operating Officer sign the agreement


Kinross employees from around the world met with Caterpillar to discuss details of the renewed alliance