Kinross Round Mountain wraps up 2022 with Town Hall for the community

At the conclusion of each year, Kinross Round Mountain brings together community members for their year-end Town Hall  to further connect with the community and maintain transparency with our neighbours.

This year, over 25 community members joined Round Mountain’s site management and team leads to discuss the operation’s accomplishments over the year and to have a conversation about the current and future plans and projects surrounding the mine.

The Town Hall was kicked off by Liz Hughes, Technical Services Manager, who explained new plans for the Phase W project and ongoing studies to increase operational efficiencies. Up next, Dylan Baldwin, Exploration Manager, shared core samples with attendees and discussed exploration programs including advanced exploration at Phase X and the ongoing progress on the ‘Eastside’ of Tonopah.

Nicole Silberschlag, Health and Safety Superintendent, then shared the site’s initiatives around health and safety, specifically through the ‘GAPS’ (Goal, Act, Plan, Score) program – a front line engagement program for supervisors to identify risks. The program sourced over 2,082 suggestions in 2022 and identified an increased number of safety conversations in the field between supervisors and employees. Nicole concluded her presentation by recognizing recipients of safety and community relations awards in 2022 including the NvMA safety awards, LOVA awards, and the Elko Safety Olympiad.

The presentation concluded with Samantha Faga, Community Relations Professional, discussing outreach engagements that occurred both in the community and across the state of Nevada in 2022. Sam highlighted ongoing efforts to build strong, lasting relationship with communities where we donate, and reminded community members of on-site amenities available to them including daycares, the general store, golf course, health clinic and education programs for students including JAG and a welding class at the local school. 

“Each year, the Round Mountain Town Hall is an excellent opportunity to build on our relationship with our neighbours by sharing what we have accomplished over the year and  having conversations about what is to come at the operation,” said Liz. “We also believe two-way communication is essential to our operation’s success, and use this as an opportunity for members to ask questions and to receive feedback that can help us grow as a Company and community partner.”

We thank all community members who attended our Town Hall either in-person or virtually and look forward to connecting in 2023!

Attendees at the Round Mountain community Town Hall
Liz Hughes speaks with community members during her presentation
Dylan Baldwin holds core samples while discussing exploration news with community members
Neil Jensen, Vice-President & General Manager, Kinross Nevada, speaks with community members during the Town Hall
Sam & Nicole speak with community members during their presentations
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