Kinross Russia delivers Christmas presents to children in Chukotka

There were many smiling children in the Chukotka region this holiday season, as 160 children from Chuvanskoye, Ilirney and Lamutskoye villages received Christmas presents from Kupol employees.

The donation is part of the program ‘A Gift from Santa Clause’ created by the Company to provide children in the region with holiday gifts and a special day of activities. The children had a fun-packed day including a visit from Santa. They sang and danced to Christmas carols.

“This program is a great way to show our appreciation for our neighbours and their children,” said Evgeniy ZakharovDeputy General Manager, Kupol. “Seeing how excited the children are over their new toys is heartwarming. We hope to maintain this relationship with the community for years to come.”

In addition to the donation in Chukotka, for the ninth year, Magadan employees provided Christmas presents to 54 children from the ‘Special Childhood’ organization. The organization is a group that unites families with disabled children.

Dvoinoye employees also joined the initiative by providing over 300 gifts for children in the Rytkuchi village and Pevek city.

Children with their presents at a school in Ilirney, Chukotka 

Students listen to Christmas carols during the celebration

Evegeniy Zakharov, Deputy General Manager, Kupol, gives a child her Christmas gift

Employees and children dance around the Christmas tree