Kinross Russia scores top marks in WWF Environmental rating

Congratulations to Kinross Russia for being named the top gold mining company in the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) rating of companies in Russia. The Company also ranked second among all mining companies in environmental responsibility.

The companies were ranked based on three aspects of their operations in Russia: quality of environmental management standards and policies, extent of the impact on the environment, and level of disclosure of information about environmental impact.

Kinross Russia also ranked first in the category of ‘Information Disclosure/Transparency’ among all mining companies.

“We are honoured that WWF Russia has recognized our commitment to building an effective environmental management system,” said Claude Schimper, Regional Vice-President, Russia. “Our Company’s success would not be possible without the continued efforts and dedication of our employees in Russia who operate in an environmentally responsible manner”.

This is the first rating of mining companies compiled by WWF Russia and Russia’s National Rating Agency, with support from the United Nations Development Program, the Global Environmental Fund, and the Russian Natural Resources and Environment Ministry. This is also significant because 2017 has been declared the ‘Year of the Environment’ in Russia.

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