Kinross Tasiast hosts Leadership Development Workshop

Kinross Tasiast recently hosted a leadership development workshop, in line with the Company’s commitment to employee development and providing opportunities to enhance skills and experience.

During the training, employees were given an ‘action plan’ on how to improve development within their team, including leveraging online trainings, virtual coaching sessions and job shadowing. The training seeks to improve task planning, team building and successful conflict management approaches.

“The purpose of these workshops are to train employees to become future leaders or improve their current leadership styles,” said one of the coaches and trainers, Ellis Ritz. A point with which Fatimetou Abdallahi Hamza, from HR recruitment and Talent management agreed, before adding: “At Kinross, we believe a successful, cohesive team stems from the leadership approach of the manager, director or supervisor. These workshops help us improve our number one priority, our people.”

About 25 employees participated, the majority of whom are local Mauritanians who work at the Tasiast mine and play leadership roles in their departments.

Participants of the workshop 

Employees engage in a team building exercise during the workshop 

Employees during a classroom seminar