Kupol and Dvoinoye host special visitors on a mine tour

As one of the largest employers in the Far East region of Russia, Kinross is committed to developing the next generation of specialists in the mining industry.

As part of this commitment, Kupol and Dvoinoye invited students from the Chukotka Northwest Technical College of Bilibino on a week-long mine tour to experience various areas of the mining industry and see the opportunities the Company has to offer.

Students were given a guided tour of the mill, filter cake plant, assay lab, Moroshka garage and underground mine.

Our engineers and technical specialists answered questions and gave students information about our state-of-the-art technologies. Management from both sites gave students background on the values and principles engrained in our culture and expectations of potential workers.

“I had an amazing experience visiting Kupol! Kinross employees were helpful in walking us through the mining process and sparking further interest in the industry,” said Anatoly Voroshilov, student at Technical College of Bilibino. “Kupol demonstrates an ideal workplace environment. One of my first impressions was how the Company cares for its people and puts safety as a top priority. I hope to come work at Kinross one day!”

Students had the opportunity to make connections with employees and foster potential employment opportunities and mentorships.

Students stop for a photo as they have a tour around the mill

Students are given a demonstration on finding parts in the warehouse

A stop at the assay lab

Students and teachers at the ‘wrap-up’ meeting with Evgeniy Zakharov, Deputy General Manager, Kupol and Anna Badamyant, Head of Human Resources, Kupol