Kupol employees receive first aid training

Our Kupol mine is located in the Far East region of Russia with limited access to healthcare and emergency services. In order to mitigate the risks of potentially dangerous situations, our employees received first aid training from the Kupol Adult Education Center.

The 10-day training session taught employees life-saving techniques for unconsciousness, cardiac or respiratory arrest, external injuries, burns and immobilizing patients for potential evacuation.  

“Over the course of the week, we received training to prevent hazards and to keep our colleagues safe,” said Yugina Klii, Continuous Improvement Specialist, Kupol.  “All of the information we learned will help us protect our people until they receive professional help, which is crucial to their overall safety and well being.”

“Being located in a remote region reinforces the importance of training our people on life-saving techniques to ensure we prevent injuries from becoming life threatening,” said Anna Badamiants, Head of Human Resources, Kupol. “We are proud of the employees who took the time to become certified instructors, and look forward to equipping all employees at the mine with training in the event they need to help someone who is injured.”

At the end of the training, 60 employees became certified first aid instructors who will further provide first aid training to all employees at the mine in the coming months.

Yugina Klii, Continuous Improvement Specialist, Kupol, practices CPR techniques on a training model 

Yugina puts her skills to the test on an employee