Kupol hosts 2017 Indigenous Peoples’ Games

To celebrate the International Day of World Indigenous People, Kupol hosted the 2017 Indigenous Peoples’ Games.

The games were highly competitive and made up of five events, each having an origin to an ancient indigenous legend. Competitions included axe throwing, cross country running, triple jump and sledge jumping.

The event was organized by the Kupol Committee of Indigenous Peoples of the North and included contestants from local indigenous groups, Kinross employees from Kupol and Dvoinoye, and reindeer herders.

“I would like to thank the Indigenous Peoples’ committee at Kupol for the work they did organizing this event. It was a great opportunity for us to learn more about the local culture, whether that was by taking part in events or cheering on the competitors,” said Dave Neuburger, Vice-President and General Manager, Kupol.

Anna Apoka, Human Resources and Community Relations Specialist, Russia (right) at the games  

A contestant takes part in the throwing competition

A contestant during the triple jump competition 

Contestants race against one another during the sledge jump