Kupol pours its 5 millionth ounce

Kupol poured its five millionth ounce at the end of April since beginning its operations eight years ago. Congratulations!

The Kupol mill produced its four millionth ounce just 18 months earlier in late 2014. The addition of high grade Dvoinoye ore and implementing mill improvements to process it made it possible to reach the five-million-ounce milestone so quickly. The Kupol mill team has consistently focused on operational excellence and, over the last couple of years, has implemented other improvements to the plant to increase recovery and reduce unit operating costs, including adding a sixth leaching tank to the leaching circuit and upgrading the gravity circuit.

“We are incredibly proud to mark this occasion. Success can only be achieved together and we have worked very closely with our colleagues at Dvoinoye and the Russia regional office to reach this moment. Thanks to everyone’s hard work, we got here as a team,” said Dave Neuburger, Vice-President and General Manager, Kupol

Members of the Kupol team mark the occasion 

Holding bars from the 5 millionth ounce. The front row (left to right): Igor Stepanischev, Tailings Processing Superintendent, Mikhail Marinich, Mill Manager, Dave Neuburger, General Manager, Kupol Operations, Ilya Kharitonov, Deputy Chief Metallurgist and Michael Moore, Safety Manager

The back row (left to right): Aleksey Obraztsov, Mill Maintenance Planner, Stanislav Nikitin, Process Superintendent, Andrey Dimitrishin, Mill Maintenance Planning Specialist, Yuriy Mikshin, Pricessing Shift Foreman, Alexander Zaporozhets, Chief Site Power Engineer, Ivan Hudyakov, Refinery Supervisor, Andrey Melkov, Deputy Chief Mechanic, Mill Operations and Valeriy Lyalin, Senior Security Guard