Las Palmas supports children with cancer

The Las Palmas office recently raised €9,000 (approximately US$13,000) for Pequeño Valiente, a local children’s cancer foundation, by selling employees’ used furniture.

The money was used to purchase a van to bring children to and from their hospital stay. It will also bring therapists directly to children’s homes to make treatment more comfortable.

“When we heard that they didn’t have a way of bringing children to the hospital, we wanted to help,” explained Liesbeth Lenaerts, Expat Affairs Coordinator, Africa said. “The organization does incredible work and we are always happy to play a part in helping families during a very hard time.”

Las Palmas has been supporting the charity since 2012 with regular donations of iPads, toys, DVDs and radios that the children can use while they are in the hospital.

“Thank you, Kinross. The vehicle will help us support families going through difficult times and will make their lives a lot easier,” said José Juan Jerez Castro, President of Pequeño Valiente.

Las Palmas employees Liesbeth Lenaerts, Expat Affairs Coordinator, Angeles Amoros, Administration, and Adrian Castro, Human Resources with José Juan Jerez Castro, President of  Pequeño Valiente in front of the new van


Kinross and Pequeño Valiente staff with children