Launching Kinross’ People Commitments

In May 2017, Kinross’ global leadership met in Toronto with the goal of identifying our current culture and creating a tangible and concrete set of People Commitments to help guide us in how we evolve our culture for future success.  

Today, I am pleased to announce the global launch of the Kinross People Commitments. They define our Company’s commitment to its employees, and our employees’ commitments to each other. Our People Commitments underpin our culture, which I believe is integral to our success. We own our culture – it differentiates us, prepares us to take on challenges and enhances our competitive advantage, all of which drive our success.

The People Commitments are:

To date, each site across the Company has selected a People Commitment that is to be a key area of focus with the goal of deeply embedding it into their day-to-day operations. We heard from employees about what the People Commitments mean to them. You can watch that video here:

Our four core values – Putting People First, Outstanding Corporate Citizenship, High Performance Culture and Rigorous Financial Discipline – will still inform how we work and guide our operations. Our People Commitments go a step further and emphasize the reciprocal relationship we have with our colleagues and how we should represent Kinross at work and in the community. Both the core values and People Commitments make up our culture.

By integrating the People Commitments into our Company, we are nurturing and evolving our culture, positioning Kinross and our people for future success.

As we continue to celebrate and recognize our 25th anniversary this year, I have enjoyed reflecting on the incredible culture that has developed over Kinross’ history. With our People Commitments, I am excited about how it will evolve over the upcoming 25 years.


J. Paul Rollinson
President & CEO