Learn about Chirano’s drill programs

Chirano has been busy with multiple drill programs on-the-go, as the exploration team continues to look for opportunities to extend the life of mine.

“We have three very distinct types of exploration projects at the moment and continue to look for new targets,” said Matthew Rovardi, Exploration Manager, Chirano.

The site’s exploration group has been working closely with the Technical Services and the Operations teams to collaborate and provide cross-functional support.

The current Chirano exploration drill projects are:

Chirano District

The exploration team is mapping a new area about 10 kilometres south of the mill at Chirano. They also began ground mapping last year with the goal of making a new discovery away from the mine trend.

Since this target is not in the mine trend area, the team brought in a smaller drill rig to reduce impact and have a much smaller footprint than what a larger drill rig would usually occupy.


The team is also exploring Obra, an existing deposit in the mine trend. An advanced program is already underway to explore the possibilities for an upgrade of mineral resources to mineral reserves around the biggest pit at Chirano.

Mining stopped a few years ago, but recent geological reviews around the pit show potential for new discoveries.


Underground mine exploration is taking place around the existing site with the hope of finding new mineral resources. The exploration program at Akoit follows the current mine plan and includes drilling directly in and around the site to help support the existing operation by providing them with greater detail from the drill results.

“We are hopeful that some of these new discoveries will help prolong the mine life at Chirano,” continued Matthew.

Reverse circulation drilling at Akoti

At Akoti

Drill rig at the Chirano District