Learn about our 2015 LOVA Award winners – Rigorous Financial Discipline

Read about our 2015 ‘Rigorous Financial Discipline’ winners – gold winner Rodrigo Moscoso, Business Development Manager, Maricunga and silver winner Fausto Caser, Supply Chain Manager, Paracatu.

This category honours Kinross employees who constantly look for innovative and efficient ways to maximize our financial resources. Rodrigo and Fausto have both contributed to new processes and projects that have significantly cut costs.

RODRIGO MOSCOSO, Maricunga, Business Development Manager

After torrential rains in Chile wiped out roads and stranded 560 Kinross employees at Maricunga for nine days in March, Rodrigo played a crucial role in getting them home safely, creating a temporary office to coordinate emergency assistance.

“Rodrigo immediately helped with emergency aid and then did a great job setting up temporary offices right away so that we could continue with business as usual,” said Rick Cruea, Vice-President and General Manager, Chile

As business development manager, emergency aid is not part of Rodrigo’s formal job description or training, but his initiative, versatility and cross functional skill set is part of his unique contribution.

In his day-to-day work at Kinross, Rodrigo has led many large projects at Maricunga, such as implementing a cost reduction program that contributed to reducing production costs from $1217/oz in Q4 2013 to $1033/oz Q4 2014.

For Rodrigo, the ‘Rigorous Financial Discipline’ category is about more than just numbers. “It is an awareness of how important our resources are and that we also need to improve outcomes while looking for ways to reduce spending.”

His nominators also talk about his willingness to help others. “Rodrigo will always take the extra time with people. He’s a great coach,” continued Rick.

Rodrigo has been at Kinross for six years and has spent a few months working at the corporate office in Toronto.

He lives in Copiapó with his wife and teenage daughter.

Rodrigo gets the LOVA award news. From left to right: Ivan Burgos, Financial Manager, Rodrigo Moscoso, Business Development Manager, Cristhian Steading, Human Resources HR Manager and Carlos Sagredo, Communications

FAUSTO CASER, Paracatu, Senior Supply Chain Manager

Fausto has made significant improvements to the supply chain management system.

Colleagues say that he is a forward thinker who always keeps costs in mind. “Fausto will constantly find results. He has created systematic process improvements to cut costs while still making sure that every department has what they need,” said Carlos Magno, Warehouse Supervisor, Paracatu.

One of Fausto’s biggest achievements has been improving the supply chain process by creating a new vendor management inventory system to cut overhead spending. Manufacturers keep the parts in stock that Kinross will need in the future, but only supplies them when needed.

His close relationships with the different departments within Kinross and external suppliers has led to reduced wait times between the purchase and delivery of supplies.

As a result, Fausto’s supply chain department beat its own cost reduction target by nearly 70% earlier this year, achieving a total cost savings of five-million.

For the new Santo Antonio tailings reprocessing project, a first for Kinross, Fausto managed the supply of the materials. He controlled capital costs while still ensuring that each department had the necessary supplies, on time and on budget.

Marcelo Silva, Supply Chain Director, Paracatu says that Fausto always helps Kinross find the best value for money. “He looks for high quality products but at the best possible price.”

Over his eleven years at Kinross, Fausto has spent time at the corporate office in Toronto implementing some of his processes across the company.

Fausto’s degrees in business and civil engineering have helped him excel at Kinross through his dynamic mix of analytical and innovative thinking.

In his personal life, Fausto loves cycling, reading and spending time with his wife and two daughters.

Fausto Caser, Senior Supply Chain Manager, at his desk in Paracatu


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