Life after Generation Gold: Graduate Isabel Espinoza

Generation Gold – launched by Kinross in 2007 – is one of most successful recruiting and retention initiatives in the global gold industry.

“Gen Gold” targets recent graduates from multi-disciplines with the aim to develop future expertise and talent within the Company. The total length of the program is four years, with designated rotational assignments typically 12 months long to give the graduates a varied experience at Kinross.

Over the next few months, we will profile our Gen Gold employees, and learn about their experience in the leadership development program.

For our first Gen Gold profile, we meet Isabel Espinoza, a graduate from the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María in Chile who recently completed the Kinross program in 2013. Isabel first joined Kinross in February 2009 as a Junior Mechanical Engineer at La Coipa, and her rotational assignments have also included Fort Knox, Paracatu and Toronto. Join Isabel as she reflects on her time as a Gen Gold graduate.

Isabel Espinoza (Project Engineer) standing in front of the La Coipa mine site during her first rotational assignment in February 2009.