Maricunga Invests in Indigenous Children’s Education

Kinross Maricunga and the indigenous community of Río Jorquera co-hosted a scholarship ceremony in early July to celebrate the awarding of 168 education scholarships to indigenous children from the community, located in the High Andes of northern Chile. The scholarships, worth up to 32,725,000 pesos, have been provided to the community for the past seven years and cover expenses associated with primary, secondary and higher education studies. 

“At Kinross, we believe education is key to social mobility, and we are committed to investing in the people of Río Jorquera,” says Guillermo Contreras (Manager, Corporate Responsibility and Community Relations).

The education program is part of an agreement between Kinross and the Río Jorquera indigenous community originally signed in 2008. 

Recipients of the annual Río Jorquera scholarship program.