Meet this week’s COVID-19 Champion Jason Cooley from Bald Mountain!

In mid-May, we launched the ‘COVID-19 Champions’ program, a global employee recognition initiative dedicated to celebrating those who are making a difference during the COVID-19 pandemic by finding innovative ways to support their colleagues, the Company and the community.

The program aims to recognize employees who are going above and beyond to make a positive contribution in the areas of health and safety, innovation, community support and increasing team morale.

This week, we recognize Jason Cooley, a health and safety technician at Bald Mountain who has gone above and beyond to protect employees against COVID-19 by championing safety and providing exceptional support during this challenging time.

As a health and safety technician, Jason is responsible for assisting departments with general precautions and ensuring they follow best practices. He has always been passionate about finding solutions to reduce hazards in the workplace which made him an asset in implementing Bald Mountain’s COVID-19 response plan.

Being in a remote region, the site faced potential shortages of key supplies used to protect employees against the virus. Jason immediately took action, finding innovative ways to source necessary equipment and implementing best practices across the mine. To ensure adequate safety supplies were maintained at Bald Mountain, Jason would make several trips to surrounding communities searching for products, not only during his shift, but also during his personal time. These multiple trips to different locations helped to ensure that the surrounding communities were not negatively impacted by shortages of their own. He would also help monitor departments on proactive measures to ensure all employees were well-equipped with preventative training to mitigate the spread of the virus.

A true safety champion, Jason is currently a mine rescue instructor and was formerly a volunteer fire fighter and EMT in Nevada where his background, skills and experience have been instrumental in making a positive impact during a challenging time. Thank you Jason for putting people first, and protecting your colleagues and the community. 

Jason Cooley, health and safety technician, Bald Mountain at site
Jason with his wife after winning a Nevada Mining Association (NvMA) safety award in 2018!