Nine Year’s Injury-Free at Kettle River – Buckhorn’s Mill

In February, our Mill crew at Kettle River – Buckhorn marked an impressive safety milestone: nine years injury-free.

Below is an excerpt from their local story:

Safety is the number one priority at Kettle River – Buckhorn. In February 2015, yet another safety milestone was reached by our mill site employees… nine years without a Lost Time Incident (LTI). That means that there has not been an injury that has resulted in days away from work in more than 3,000 days. For perspective, there were 1,326,183 hours worked during this period, which would take a single person about 638 years to achieve.

We are extremely proud of our employees and their dedication to their own safety, and that of their coworkers. This is no small feat, and in recognition of their safety achievements, employees were each awarded a specially-minted, quarter-ounce gold commemorative coin (pictured below). The coin was designed by Jason Schneider (Principal Mine Engineer.)

“I would like to congratulate Mark and his team for yet another fantastic achievement in the area of safety. Significant achievements such as these demonstrate the commitment, effort and attitude of a workforce dedicated to keeping employees injury-free.” (Warwick Morley-Jepson, Executive Vice-President & Chief Operating Officer)

Mill employees at Kettle River – Buckhorn