Paracatu breaks 11 operational site records in 2018!

Congratulations Kinross Paracatu on an exceptional 2018! The site set 11 operational records with strong performance across a number of metrics.

“I would like to thank the entire Paracatu team for a job well done in 2018,” said Lauren Roberts, COO. “It is an impressive set of records and it could not have been accomplished without their dedication and focus to safely achieving their goals.”  

“The 11 records we have set shows the hard work of all our people, and is indicative of the teamwork and collaboration we are proud to have at the mine,” said Gilberto Avezedo, Vice-President and General Manager. “Looking forward, we are excited to continue our strong performance in 2019, and to overcoming any challenges that may arise and setting more operational records. I’m sure we have the right team for the job!”

Despite numerous challenges throughout the year, the site remained focused on safety, cost, throughput and continuous improvement. The 2018 records include:  

  • Total Production: 521,575 Au eq. oz.
  • Total Recovered Ounces: 525,815 Au eq. oz.
  • 94.22% of Au+Ag bars in 2018
  • Plant 2 Recovery: 90.31%
  • Plant 2 Global Recovery: 80.84%
  • Total Poured Ounces: November – 56,163 Au eq. oz.
  • Total Recovered Ounces: December – 58,782 Au eq. oz.
  • Plant 2 Poured Ounces: November – 41,864 Au eq. oz.
  • Plant 2 Recovery: February – 95.38%
  • Plant 1 Availability: June – 98.84%
  • Plant 2 Efficiency: 92.44%

“Thanks to our high-performing team and their dedication to delivering strong results each day, we were able to achieve excellence, reflected in the results,” said Rodrigo Gomides, Operations Director, Paracatu.

Kinross Brazil was also named one of the 150 best companies to work for in Brazil in 2018, their fourth time receiving the award.

Employees at the Top 150 celebration in late 2018

A gold pour at Paracatu