Paracatu challenges staff to reduce energy consumption

With Brazil facing shortages across the country, Kinross Paracatu decided to create a campaign challenging staff to reduce their consumption at home, and come up with ideas to reduce consumption at site.

“We started this challenge because it’s important for everyone to do their part to decrease energy usage in their homes,” said Alexandre Matos, Sustainability Manager. “The campaign has made people think about their behavior and take action, both at home and at work.”

The organizing committee included employees from the environment, Continuous Improvement and energy departments, who evaluated suggestions and energy bills to select the winners.

The top employees who reduced their at-home consumption by lowering their water and energy bills over a two-month period are:

1. 52% decrease – Clenio da Silva Queiros, Crushing Mechanic
2. 37% decrease – Katia Pires, Internal Control Specialist
3. 36% decrease – Ricardo Jose de Almeida, Mechanical Engineer

Kátia Pires, who reduced her at-home energy bills by 37%, said: “We need to come together to reduce consumption. It was easy to get my family on board because it was a win-win situation – when we reduce our environmental impacts, we also save money on our bills.”

The top ideas for energy reduction at the site are:

1. Alisson Alves Gomes, Maintenance
2. Benedito Pereira, Safety Supervisor and Sinval Eder Barbosa da Silva, Process Technician
3. Sinval Eder Barbosa da Silva, Process Technician

“I wanted to prevent people from leaving and keeping the lights on, so my idea was to link the lighting system to the alarm system,” said Allisson. “When they go out, they have to unlock the alarm system, automatically turning off the lights and conserving energy.”

Congratulations to the winners, and Sinval, who won twice.