Paracatu grows community nurseries program

Paracatu recently invested in a program to build nurseries that grow tree seedlings in rural communities to promote socioeconomic development for communities surrounding the mine.

In Paracatu, many local residents rely on land management and farms for income. The seedlings will be sold to community members, including Kinross, to provide extra income for native producers.

“Living in the countryside, it can be very difficult to generate income. This program gives us a chance to gain extra profits, and provides a future to invest in our crops or to gain enough revenue to purchase an animal,” said Luciene Rodrigues de Souza Silva, President of the Santa Rita Residence association and a 14-year resident of the community.

Kinross donated the nurseries, seedlings, supplies and other materials needed to create the nurseries.

“This program allows communities to contribute to the construction of the region, socioeconomic development of their city and overall improvement of the environment,” said Ana Cunha, Senior Manager, Communication and Community.

Community members have been trained on how to effectively plant and manage seedlings and on safe fertilization methods to effectively grow and monitor their nurseries.  

Sixteen Santa Rita families have already started producing seedlings from the nurseries, with the goal to produce approximately 10,000 units this year.

One of the sixteen nurseries upon completion

A local community member waters his crops

An up-close look at what is inside each bag of seedlings