Paracatu holds a ‘mini Olympics’ for local youth

In the spirit of the 2016 summer Olympics in Rio, Paracatu hosted their own mini Olympics – the ‘Integrated Peace Games’.

The site hosted 180 children and youth from five different local neighourhoods in a series of competitions from soccer and gymnastics to volleyball and table tennis.

The games helped to create a sense of camaraderie between the local towns, teach the importance of team work, and encouraged participation in sports.

Many members of the Kinross Paracatu team were at the opening ceremonies. The site’s indoor soccer team even played a friendly match against the youth and provided coaching and encouragement.

“Sports not only encourages a healthy and active lifestyle, but also helps with social integration,” said Ana Maria Ferreira Cunha, Communications and Community Manager, Paracatu. “The five different neighbourhoods really came together as one and there were many bonds created during the games.”

The Lagoa de Santo Antônio team gets ready to start the games

Youth with the torch at the opening ceremony

The Paracatu indoor soccer team. Back row (left to right): Vicente Cantalice, Financial Planning Manager, Claudinei Mariano, Health and Safety Manager, Guilherme Cruz, Head of Dam Construction Department, Laci Júnior, Head of Projects Department, Lucas Steffen, Mining Engineer, Robson de Almeida, Operations Technician, Márcio Vivas, Head of Drilling and Blasting Department

Front row (left to right): Rodrigo Gomides, Mine and Utilities Manager, Otávio Medeiros, Community Relations, Antônio Dutra, Physiotherapist, Marcos Morais, Director, Environment