Paracatu hosts a run to celebrate ‘World Water Day’

On March 24, the environmental team at Paracatu hosted their third annual ‘Rustic Water Race’ to commemorate the United Nations ‘World Water Day.’

This year’s race brought together over 300 employees, their families and community members for a 6.5km run at Paracatu’s State Park to raise awareness about water scarcity while promoting a healthy lifestyle for participants.

The event was organized by Paracatu’s environmental education team that aims to develop programs and services for employees and the community to adopt sustainable practices and promote behaviour changes on environmental issues. Some examples of programs run by the team are the preservation of the ecological trail; community bird watching and the pedal do cerrado.

“The Water Race is an excellent way to unite our family and friends with the community to support a good cause,” said Benedito Pereira Spíndola, Chief of Safety, Paracatu. “The race helps reinforce the importance of protecting and preserving water, while connecting us with nature in a fun, healthy exercise.”

World Water Day, which was established in 1993, promotes the importance of freshwater across the world, and advocates for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.

See how we are protecting water through The Paracatu Spring Water Projection Project.

Kicking off the 2019 Water Race at the start line!

Employees and their families take a photo at the finish line