Paracatu hosts emergency training simulation for local communities

As part of our comprehensive tailings management approach, Kinross Paracatu recently hosted an emergency training simulation in collaboration with the civil defense and local emergency response teams for four surrounding communities in the event of a dam failure.

Over 250 participants took part in the two-day event, which included training on evacuation routes, medical triage, real-time simulations, and Q&A sessions with the community, employees and emergency response teams.

“I feel safer in my community after attending this training simulation organized by Kinross. The Company did an excellent job of walking us through safety procedures and ensuring all our questions were answered,” said a community member participant. 

As a result, community members now have a thorough understanding of the emergency procedures related to our tailings facilities and how to be prepared in the unlikely event of a failure.

“This exercise was a great example of working together to keep our communities safe,” said Leonardo PadulaDam Manager, Paracatu. “We are very happy with the turnout and feedback received, and are committed to conducting future emergency preparedness simulations to ensure the communities around our mine feel informed and confident about the procedures in place.”

Our tailings facilities at Paracatu, along with all our Kinross tailings facilities, are designed and constructed to the highest engineering standards and meet or exceed regulatory and international requirements and standard of best practice.

Independent assessment of tailings facilities at site is conducted annually, and rigorous maintenance, monitoring, and emergency response procedures and plans are in place, including daily inspections.

Paracatu’s tailings facilities are constructed using a centerline design and are engineered, compacted, zoned earthfill dams.

Kinross Paracatu last held an emergency trianing simulation in 2016. 

Employees complete their last day of the emergency training simulation 

Employees kick off the training 

Community members sit down for the Q&A session

A community member asks a question during the Q&A session