Paracatu hosts emergency training simulation with emergency response teams

In October, Paracatu partnered with PAM, a local group coordinated by the Civil Defense that focuses on accident prevention, to host an emergency response training simulation to prepare the community in case of an accident.

The trainings simulation brought together over 50 members of local and federal police, the fire department and other emergency response teams.

The three-hour training simulated a chemical spill and included drills such as evacuating surrounding areas, containing the substance, and medical training and transport of any victims to local hospitals.

“This simulation was a great example of working together and preparing for the unlikely event of an accident,” said Claudinei Diniz Alves, Safety Area Manager, Paracatu. “We believe the best way to reduce the impact of an accident is to train ourselves on best practices in real-time, so that if an incident does occur we have the skills to reduce hazards promptly.” 

Kinross Paracatu and PAM will work together to hold training simulations throughout the year to keep the community prepared. The next simulation will take place at the dam.  

Simulation participants ready to start the day 

Emergency response teams use protective clothing to simulate transporting a victim to hospital

Emergency response teams rescue victims at the simulated crash site 

Emergency response teams simulate containing substances