Paracatu hosts environment week

Paracatu held an “Environment Week” at the beginning of June to draw attention to environmental issues.

Employees were asked to reflect on the question: “What do you do every day to protect our future?” and were encouraged to look for ways to reduce their ecological footprint in their everyday activities.

The week included seminars about the environment and an employee hike with their families on the Green Trail. After the hike, Paracatu hosted a picnic for employees to have fun outdoors with their families.

Employees who participated in the week received tote bags made from old Kinross uniforms that were sewn by local artists who are a part of the Integrar program.

“Environment Week is a good way for employees and the community to see that we can each play a role in our day-to-day activities to reduce our impacts on the environment,” said Ana Maria Ferreira CunhaCommunications and Community Manager, Paracatu.

Tote bags made out of old uniforms

 Hand’s up for environment week!

Employees and their families on the Green Trail hike

The picnic set up when employees returned from the hike

Smiling employees enjoy an outdoor picnic