Pink with a purpose in Magadan for breast cancer awareness day

It was a sea of pink at the Magadan office as they held a breast cancer awareness day to educate employees and their daughters about the disease. Employees donned pink t-shirts in support of women’s health.

There was an on-site seminar hosted by the head of the Magadan Regional Oncology Ward about breast cancer facts, prevention tips and early detection methods.

“Overall health is extremely important. That’s why we’ve organized the day and invited our daughters to come and learn more about breast cancer with us,” said Claude Schimper, Regional Vice-President, Russia. “It is often that we take health for granted.”

Photos by Evgeniya Saevich, Regional Manager, Corporate Responsibility and Heidi-May Schimper.

Look up, way up! The Magadan office wears pink to support breast cancer awareness

Elena Balakina, Regional Manager, Internal Communications & Administration with her daughter Ilona

Staff all in pink from left to right. Front row: Victoriya Kryukova, Expat Coordinator and Kseniya Derevtsova, Specialist, Comp & Bens
iddle row: Evgeniya Saevich, Regional Manager, Corporate Responsibility, Elena Balakina, Regional Manager, Internal Communications & Administration, Olga Golovanova, Business Planning Manager, Marina Ivanova, HR Director, Yana Kovaleva, Manager, Training & Development, Anastasiya Ulitenko, HRIS Analyst, Nataliya Khalanskaya, Senior Specialist, Talent Acquisition and Onboarding
Back row: Claude Schimper, Regional Vice President, Russia, Aishat Chekunova, Manager, Talent Acquisition and Onboarding, Igor Zhiltsov, Leading 1C Developer, IT

At the information session