Promoting Indigenous Crafts at Christmas Bazaar in Moscow

On December 12th 2013, Kinross co-sponsored the annual Charitable Christmas Bazaar in Moscow, Russia. The annual event, which has been successfully run by the United Way of Russia for more than five years, sells ceramics, paintings, batik items, Christmas decorations, unique crafts handmade by local foster kids and kids in need. All of the proceeds go towards charity projects run by the participating organizations.

For the fourth consecutive year, Kinross presented indigenous crafts made by children from the Chukotka region, where our Kupol and Dvoinoye mines are located. The money collected by Kinross will go toward purchasing learning aids, which will be donated to a local Chukotka orphanage in the town of Anadyr. 


Yuliya Mikhailova (Event assistant) presenting Chukotka crafts at the 2013 Charitable Christmas Bazaar.