Read about the “Achieving Excellence” conference in Toronto

By now you will know that Kinross has launched the “Achieving Excellence” program with a focus on operating to our full potential and reducing costs globally. We have set an overall Company target to reduce our current projected all-in sustaining cost.

The program officially launched in March at the first-ever Achieving Excellence conference organized and led by Warwick Morley-Jepson, Executive Vice-President & COO.

Fifty-five operations and Continuous Improvement leaders from across the Company gathered in Toronto to lay the groundwork for the strategy and path ahead. Achieving Excellence will be site-led and site-owned, with a focus on sharing best practices from Kinross operations from around the world.

“Achieving Excellence is an evolution of our operations from the Kinross Way Forward to a focus on long-term step changes to increase productivity, reduce costs and make sustainable improvements. We have now identified leaders at each site who will lead the program, as it is being rolled out over the coming months across our global operations.” said Warwick. “We are looking to do more, do it faster, and do it in a methodical way. I know that with our High Performance Culture, we will hit the ground running and achieve our goals.”

J. Paul Rollinson, President & CEO, welcomes employees at the Achieving Excellence conference

J. Paul Rollinson and Warwick Morley Jepson, Executive Vice-President & COO talk about the importance of Achieving Excellence

A breakout session led by Yves Breau, Director, Metallurgy

That’s a wrap! Conference participants on the last day of the conference