Read the Results: Tasiast Expansion Feasibility Study

Kinross recently released the results of the feasibility study on expanding our operation at Tasiast. The study explored building an expanded 38,000 tonne per day mill at Tasiast to replace the existing 8,000 tonne per day mill – a key element in our Company’s overall growth strategy.

“The expansion has the potential to transform Tasiast from one of the Company’s smaller mines into its biggest mine, and from our highest-cost mine into one of our lowest-cost mines,” says Paul Rollinson (CEO). “The study’s results are particularly promising for our West African region, and present an exciting vision of the future for Tasiast.”

As previously mentioned, a final decision on whether or not to proceed with a Tasiast expansion will only be made at 2015 at the earliest.

For more details about our announcement and more commentary from CEO Paul Rollinson, access the complete news release here (available in English only).