Round Mountain builds new community health centre

After the only local community health clinic near Round Mountain closed its doors in September, the Round Mountain team stepped up to the plate to fill the void by building a new community health centre.

The new Round Mountain Medical Centre (RMMC) is now home to the mine’s staff clinic.

RMMC has several private health care providers, including optometrists and massage therapists, available to local residents, which is especially important in a remote area like Round Mountain.

To offset the closure, Round Mountain’s staff clinic has also expanded its hours of operation to provide coverage to employees and their families, retired employees, Round Mountain school employees, long-term contractor employees.

“We are a close-knit community and are glad that we could step in and help,” said Ranay Guifaro, Corporate Responsibility Coordinator, Round Mountain. “We’re now looking at expanding the services and offering more health care providers.”

Gene Schwarz, General Maintenance Technician, and Scott Englund, Mechanic, at work on the Round Mountain Medical Centre Building

Outside of the new Round Mountain Medical Centre building