Round Mountain celebrates 15 million ounces poured!

Congratulations to Round Mountain as the site recently poured its 15 millionth ounce of gold! To commemorate this milestone, over 900 employees and their families came together at the mine for a carnival and dinner.

Attendees enjoyed a fun-filled day of games, mining activities and a small sports tournament. They even had the opportunity to visualize what 15 million ounces of gold looked like thanks to the maintenance team who built three 18-foot long gold bars to show the gold poured over time at Round.


A visual representation of the 15 million ounces of gold poured at Round Mountain

After the employee celebration, the community was invited to a free concert where Country Music Awards (CMA) winner Jack Ingram performed!

Dave Hendriks, Vice-President & General Manager, Round Mountain, spoke to the crowd of over 700 people prior to the concert.

“This is not just an opportunity to celebrate 15 million ounces of gold poured, but also to recognize the importance of our employees and the community working together as a whole,” he said. “We could not have mined for the last 40 years without our dedicated and talented workforce and the support of Smoky Valley’s caring community.”  

Round Mountain began operation in 1978 and, since then, an estimated 7,500 employees have worked there. Employees received a commemorative 15 million ounce coin – designed by Aldous Hume, NDT Technician, Round Mountain, Diego Gutierrez, Mill Operator, Round Mountain, and Hoby Hart, Haul Truck Operator, Round Mountain – to thank them for making this milestone possible. 

Employees’ children participate in mini loader relay races 

David Harrell, Surveyor, Round Mountain, helps a child ‘shoot the shot’ on a surveying map 

Employees and their family members enjoy dinner together at the local community center

HawkWatch International provides wildlife education to children with the help of a hawk and owl

Employees and their family members stand together to make a ‘15’ with the mine site in the background

The crowd gathers at the Jack Ingram concert