Round Mountain employees mark their 30+ year anniversaries

Congratulations to 18 employees who all celebrate the impressive milestone of over 30 years of service at Round Mountain in 2017!

Steven Forshey, Assembly Line Preventative Maintenance

Kathy Barger, Accounting

Darrell, Browning, Mine Crew 3

Mary A Anglin, Mine Crew 2

Chris Swanson, Mobile Maintenance

Alex Granillo, Mill Operations

Charles Cox, Mine Crew 3

David Rascon, Truck Shop

Ronald Mitchell, Mine Crew 1

Stephen McGowen, Pit Operations

James Swigart, General Store Supervisor

Steven Bispo, Non-Destructive Test Technician

Billy Mair, Mine Crew 3

William Goebel, Plant Maintenance

Shona Osterhoudt, Assay Lab

Sherman Richardson, Mine Crew

Rodney Donnell, Weld Shop

Tammy Elkins, Ore Processing Pad Crew

“We are incredibly proud of the entire group,” said David Hendriks, Vice-President and General Manager, Round Mountain. “The fact that there are 18 people marking big milestones this year speaks volumes about Round Mountain being a great place to work and the strong commitment of this group of people. They have made the site what it is today. I am grateful for all of their work and contributions to get us where we are.”

Two of the long-time employees Kathy Barger, Accounting, and Chris Swanson, Mobile Maintenance