Round Mountain hosts annual MSHA training for employees

To kick off 2019, Round Mountain hosted their annual Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) training for employees. The 8-hour training day is comprised of five sessions hosted by Round Mountain trainers to keep employees up to date on MSHA requirements.

The sessions covered fire escape and explosives training, first aid and miners rights, accident prevention, transportation, communication and ground control and health and safety.

The training began with a ‘lecture’ style approach to refresh employee’s memories and provide new tips to prevent accidents. The second half of the sessions were spent with interactive activities putting their skills to the test, including jenga, remote control trucks and first aid CPR training.

“When you work in a role for a while everyday tasks can become routine. Retraining ensures employees know the possibility of risks and finding ways to prevent incidents that could result in injury,” said Jamie Willis, Health and Safety Supervisor. “Our annual training program is an opportunity to refresh employee’s health and safety knowledge to ensure we perform each task as safely, carefully and efficiently as possible.”

Employees participate in a game of ‘Jenga’ to test their cognitive awareness

Employees practice CPR on training dolls 

Employees sit in on a lecture style session

Having some fun! Employees drive toy trucks around an obstacle course