Round Mountain hosts safety competition

The 2017 Elko Mine Safety Olympiad took place last month and was hosted by our very own Round Mountain.

Fourteen mine rescue teams from mines in Nevada travelled to Elko for mine rescue training and to compete for the top prize.

The rigorous training included confined space training, firefighting, medical emergency training, how to deal with hazardous materials, high angle ropes, triage and even a written exam. The teams also took on a mock disaster involving a bomb blast and had to climb a 40-foot drill rig.

Mitch Cannon, Equipment Operator, Bald Mountain was given the prestigious Rescue of the Year award at the competition.

In keeping with a long-standing list of safety awards for Round Mountain, the site was recently awarded third place for the safest large surface mine in Nevada by the Nevada Mining Association.

In addition, individual employees from both Round Mountain and Bald Mountain were given safety awards from the organization for their leadership in the state.

“As the hosts of the Elko Safety Olympiad our team was allowed to challenge other mine rescue teams to develop skills and find areas for improvement to ensure all have the strongest mine rescue teams possible,” said RW Carver, Health, Safety and Training Manager, Round Mountain. “And, we are honoured to receive our award from the Nevada Mining Association and be among the top three safest mines in Nevada for the fourth straight year. It shows our dedication to safety at Kinross. Thank you to every employee for putting safety first and working together to keep each other safe.”

Competitors practice mine rescue at 40 feet in the air

Bald Mountain’s mine rescue team completing one of the scenarios. 
Clockwise starting left: Caleb Bolyard, Mitch Cannon, Sergio Bostic, Ruben Ramirez, Annie McWilliams, and Gary Hart (not pictured: Julian Holden)

The Bald Mountain team poses proudly with their competition trophies
Left to right: Gary Hart, Ruben Ramirez, Tim Chapman, Mitch Cannon, Jake Fogle, Jason Cooley, Caleb Bolyard, Sergio Bostick, and Annie McWilliams (not pictured: Julian Holden)

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