Round Mountain restores water at local elementary school

The Round Mountain General Maintenance team recently came to the rescue of a local elementary school when a water began leaking, causing students and teachers to go without water for several days.

Chris Enzi, Fixed Maintenance Supervisor, Round Mountain, heard about the problem and his team jumped into action to assist the school in quickly restoring the water supply.

“When we heard about the problem, we knew we had the skills and resources to assist the school. This was a great opportunity to demonstrate our teamwork and commitment to the community,” said Chris Enzi, Fixed Maintenance Supervisor, Round Mountain.

Upon arrival, the team noticed three trees were blocking the valves to the water lines. Using a man lift and backhoe, the team worked together to remove the trees and, in collaboration with Nye County School District employees, had the water restored within hours.

“Thank you Kinross for taking the time to lend a helping hand!” said Sonja Miller, Principal Round Mountain Schools. “In rural Nevada, resources and services can often limited – this serves as an example of Kinross being a good neighbor to the community and shows how we are part of their family.”

The tree removal crew! From left to right: Jim Swafford, Fixed Maintenance Mechanic, Round Mountain, Mike Phillips, Fuel Mechanic, Round Mountain, and Chris Klapper, Fixed Maintenance Mechanic, Round Mountain

A bobcat removes felled trees outside the elementary school 

Thank you cards from students at Round Mountain schools