Round Mountain tests first idea from Innovation Opportunity Fund

In the spirit of promoting innovation at Kinross, we launched the Innovation Opportunity Fund in January to encourage all employees to submit ideas that could improve Kinross’ operations.

The top ideas submitted will be evaluated and tested and, if successful, implemented at site or shared globally as a best practice. Since launching the Innovation Fund, the Continuous Improvement and Innovation team have received 15 submissions across our operations.

The team is excited to announce that a new “Grade Control Optimizer” software is the first submission to be approved for testing by the Innovation Steering Committee.

The idea comes from Round Mountain where the team is currently beta testing software that could potentially improve the accuracy of “dig lines” at site and improve mine planning. Dig lines are boundaries that separate different types of ore and waste so that a shovel operator can put all of the same material into one truck. The new software’s algorithm could be used to better differentiate ore from waste, reducing dilution and ore loss, and also allow for standardization, and reduce time spent designing dig lines.

“This new software could bolt on to existing software and help out our geologists, mine planners and metallurgists to optimize our ore control, and impact our ore routing,” said Ted Mahoney, Chief Geologist, Round Mountain. “Kudos to our team as they are open to innovative ideas, testing new software and working out kinks. We know that, if successful, this new software could have a tremendous impact.”

It is still early days to conclude if the new software will be beneficial, but these types of submissions and ideas are what our Continuous Improvement and Innovation team are seeking.

If you or your team have an idea in mind, don’t hesitate to submit ideas or talk to your local Continuous Improvement representative.

We look forward to more great ideas across Kinross. And stay tuned for more stories about your innovative ideas!