Safety Milestone: Fort Knox Mill Marks 3 Years with Zero Reportable Incidents

On Tuesday, March 3rd, our Fort Knox Mill Operations team marked their third year with zero reportable incidents. The team includes Mill Operators, Crusher Operators, Pond Operators, and the Lab, Refinery and Utility crews.

“This achievement is a direct result of everyone’s dedication to their own personal safety, and to the safety of each other,” says Steve McKelvey (Ore Processing Manager).

Warwick Morley-Jepson (Executive Vice-President & Chief Operating Officer) echoed Steve’s comments:

“Behind this achievement is a committed group of men and women who come to work every day with safety at the top of their priority list. It is also an excellent example of what’s possible when we foster a culture of safety – a work environment where protecting the well-being of every employee is not just a directive, process or policy, but also a way of life. Congratulations!”

Members of the Fort Knox Mill Operations Team: from left to right: Cedric Black, Nathaniel Shepard, Morgan Renney, Chad Szych, Rolland Jensen and Christopher Card