Securing our Precious Land Resources

Any homeowner knows how critical it is to have clear and secure rights to their property. How does Kinross ensure that we have properly secured our rights to the many diverse land holdings across our global sites?

The processes Kinross once used to manage land, mineral and water right assets were varied and outdated, generally consisting of localized spreadsheets, folders in boxes and cabinets, and paper files. Each Kinross site is responsible for their own process, and it was evident these antiquated methods needed much improvement.

A new system called the Kinross Land Management System (KLMS) is changing all that. KLMS – currently in its final phase of implementation – is a digital, web-based land tenure management system. It is establishing a comprehensive inventory of property rights, building standards in tenure management, supporting efficient communications, capturing institutional knowledge, and most importantly, minimizing the risk of loss of title.

From acquisition, through exploration, development, mining and ultimate site closure and/or sale, the system will help us ensure the security of all Kinross property rights and interests.

First implemented in 2012 in USA, Brazil and Chile, this year’s implementation focused on Ghana, Russia and Mauritania. The final phase is expected to be completed in 2015. 

KLMS training in Accra, Ghana, taken in March 2014. From left to right: Evelyn Glover, Francis Agezo, Zak Sanfo, Bruno Fernandes, Dennis McHarness, Christine Gamboa, William Vargas, George Amihere, Paul Adomako-Mensah, and Luc Razafimahery.

KLMS training in Magadan, Russia, taken in April 2014. From left to right: Dennis McHarness, Oleg Legostaev, Nikolay Logunov, Nikolay Grigoriev, Marina Budchenko, Viktor Silin, Tatiana Samokhina, Bruno Fernandes, Viktor Kogan, Vasiliy Kurashko, Alexander Cherdantsev, and William Vargas.

Other participants not pictured: Alexander Lapo, and Dotzo Dotzov.

KLMS training for Mauritanian team in Las Palmas, Spain, taken in June 2014. From left to right: Luc Razafimahery, William Vargas, Dennis McHarness, Christine Gamboa, Dr. Taleb, Bruno Fernandes and Haroune Ragel.