See how a Bald Mountain employee is making a nation-wide impact

Jennifer Morreale, Accountant, Bald Mountain, was featured on Kinross World in April for fighting COVID-19 with needle and thread, and a small army of sewers. Back then, she built a strong network of 200 seamstresses who were sewing CDC-approved facemasks for employees, first responders and the community.

Since we featured Jennifer, the group she created has taken off! The ‘COVID-19 Mask Makers’ now includes over 1,200 participants across 38 states in the U.S.!

To date, the group has created over 45,000 masks! Group members have also offered support through donations of cash and supplies.

“It is outstanding to see the success Jennifer has generated with the COVID-19 Mask Makers stretch beyond our state to across the nation,” said Adriano Sobreira, Vice-President and General Manager, Bald Mountain. “This is a time to work together and find innovative ways to support those in need and we are proud to have such amazing outreach fueled by one of our Bald Mountain employees. Congratulations Jennifer!”

Jennifer’s success has been recognized across the country and she recently received a personal thank you letter for her outstanding work from Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto. 

“The success of the COVID-19 Mask Makers has been a combination of hard work and dedication from all of our volunteers – the strength of this group would not be possible without them,” said Jennifer. “This group has given us the opportunity to work together and generate positivity during a crisis and we will continue to work as a team to provide masks until they are no longer needed.”

One of the first beneficiaries of the masks was Bald Mountain’s mine rescue team, which received a total of 250 masks. Other recipients include other mines’ rescue teams, law enforcement agencies, urgent care clinics, veterinary clinics, dental offices and home health agencies.

Jennifer Morreale, Accountant, Bald Mountain, with her masks