See how Kinross celebrated International Women’s Day 2021 across our operations

On March 8th, we celebrated International Women’s Day – an opportunity to recognize the achievements of women and to demonstrate our commitment to building a gender-inclusive work culture.

Let’s see how our global operations celebrated the day!


At our Corporate headquarters, Kinross hosted a virtual global panel discussion featuring inspirational Kinross leaders who shared their experiences and discussed what it means to be resilient, and how to successfully adapt their roles in the face of adversity.

Visit Kinross University for an archived version of the panel discussion, and our themed International Women’s Day Learning Series!

 Captured above, (top row from left to right): Ana Cunha, Government Relations and Social Responsibility Director, Paracatu, Maria Rodmell, Regional Human Resources Director, Americas, Neil Jensen, Vice-President and General Manager, Round Mountain, (bottom row) Vandana Juneja, Executive Director of Catalyst Canada (moderator), and Ntube Sone Ngole, Senior Legal Counsel, Regulatory Affairs, Africa. 

Bald Mountain

At Bald Mountain, Adriano Sobreira, Vice-President and General Manager, Bald Mountain, and Chelly Koeppen, Human Resources Manager, had breakfast with the women from Bald Mountain to celebrate the day. Adriano encouraged female employees to share their stories and discuss ways to improve women’s roles in the workplace, in particular with childcare improvements, health and safety and medical care.

Round Mountain

At Round Mountain, women were treated to a lunch hosted by Denise Carver, Human Resources Manager, Round Mountain, who thanked them for their hard work and encouraged them to continue persevering in their field. The team also gave special recognition to Leann Johnson, Mine Department Trainer, Round Mountain, for her feature in last week’s ‘Women of Kinross’ series.

In addition to their celebrations, Round Mountain will be profiling several of their female employees during the month of March on their Facebook page through the campaign ‘I AM HER’.

Fort Knox

At Fort Knox, employees came together both virtually and in person to celebrate International Women’s Day and recognize the important role women have at the mine.

Kettle River

At our Kettle River site, the team gathered for an appreciation lunch where Gina Myers, Vice-President, Reclamation and Projects, expressed appreciation for our women in mining and thanked them for their continued hardwork  .


In Brazil, employees attended a virtual presentation on ‘female leadership’ that focused on women’s fight for equality in the workplace. Maria Montalvão, Vice-President, Legal, Brazil, spoke to the attendees on the importance of men and women being aligned with their equality goals to further develop a diverse, inclusive environment.


In Chile, the women from the Copiapó office took a trip to La Coipa where they were given a first-hand look at progress at the Phase 7 Project by the site manager. The women later received a virtual congratulatory presentation from Javiera Contador – a well-known Chilean comedian.

Las Palmas

In Las Palmas, the women attended a virtual International Women’s Day event on ‘Zoom’ where Andreas Mittler, Regional Senior Vice-President, spoke to the women and congratulated them on their successes. The ladies then participated in a short game and later had flowers and chocolates delivered to their homes.


At Tasiast, women at site gathered for a celebratory lunch attended by Dave Hendriks, Vice-President and General Manager, Tasiast and Andreas Mittler, Regional Vice-President, Operations, Africa, who thanked them for their dedication to the Company and advocated for continued support of women in mining.


At Chirano, the team hosted a forum to discuss the theme of this year’s event ‘Choose to Challenge’ that was hosted by Angeline Watungwa, wife of Terence Watungwa, Vice-President and General Manager, Chirano. Angeline led the discussion where she explored breaking stereotypes and encouraged the women to continue challenging the status quo.


At Kupol, an inaugural video was issued to thank women for their dedication and share our continued support of women in mining. At Dvoinoye, a gala dinner was held for women at site with an address from Viktor Nikitin, Deputy Chief Mine Engineer, Dvoinoye, who delivered a thank you message from the management team. In Pevek, a tea and cake party for women at site was hosted by Aleksey Lugovskoy, Superintendent, Pevek, and Roman Teslenko, Deputy Superintendent, Pevek. Lastly, in Magadan women working from home had flowers and small gifts delivered to their front doors to ensure they were celebrated while still maintaining COVID-19 safety measures.

Women in Mining Peer Networking Program

On March 11th, Kinross’ Women in Mining Peer Networking program held their second virtual group meeting. The meeting was an opportunity for the group to come together and discuss this year’s International Women’s Day theme ‘Choose to Challenge’ with insight from our leaders.

The event began with opening remarks from J. Paul Rollinson, President and CEO, who congratulated participants on being nominated to the networking group and thanked them for the role they play in making their work environment a more inclusive one.

“Gender equality matters,” said J. Paul Rollinson, President and CEO. “It will help us to create an even better company by fully unlocking the power of our diversity.”

The panel then discussed their experiences with the group and shared their advice on how to succeed in the industry and ways to empower women.

Captured above, Kinross’ Women in Mining Peer Networking panel (top row from left to right): Andrea Freeborough, Senior Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer, and Dr. Stacy Hope, Head of Global Outreach, Women in Mining, UK. (bottom row from left to right) Claude Schimper, Senior Vice-President Russia Operations, and Hélène Timpano, Senior Vice-President, Operations.

Silver Winner: Noel Moniz, Mailroom Supervisor, Toronto
September 19, 2023

Silver Winner: Noel Moniz, Mailroom Supervisor, Toronto

Silver Winner: Daniel Hill, Site Services Coordinator, Great Bear
September 19, 2023

Silver Winner: Daniel Hill, Site Services Coordinator, Great Bear

Gold Winner: Stormy Hallahan, Mobile Maintenance Mechanic, Bald Mountain
September 19, 2023

Gold Winner: Stormy Hallahan, Mobile Maintenance Mechanic, Bald Mountain