See how Kinross celebrated International Women’s Day 2022 across our operations

On March 8th, we celebrated International Women’s Day – an opportunity to recognize the achievements of women and to demonstrate our commitment to supporting a gender-inclusive work culture.

Let’s see how our global operations celebrated the special day below!

Corporate Headquarters

At our Corporate headquarters, our team partnered with Catalyst to host a discussion with employees across our global operations with the theme #BreakTheBias. Over the course of the discussion, employees had an opportunity to share their experiences with bias and discrimination to identify opportunities to support women in the workplace.

We then encouraged team members at our Toronto office to show their support for the theme #BreakTheBias with either a poster or the official symbol for 2022:

At our Bald Mountain mine in Nevada, the women attended a celebratory breakfast hosted by Joe Kemp, General Manager, Bald Mountain. Together, they discussed the importance of women in mining and strategized on ways to improve recruitment to the site, as well as continuing to build a strong work-life balance for the women.

Round Mountain, Nevada

At our Round Mountain mine in Nevada, the team kicked off their morning ‘7@7’ safety meeting with a presentation about International Women’s Day and ways we can work together to support women and #BreakTheBias. At the end of the day, a dinner was held for employees and members of the community to celebrate the inspiring women of Round Mountain.

The following day, management and supervisors took part in a ‘Gemba Safety Walk’ – a safety management practice where managers move throughout the site to observe processes and gain information on ways to drive efficiency – during the walk the supervisors placed a focus on breaking the bias and gaps that may exist in supporting women on site.

Fort Knox, Alaska

At Fort Knox, the team reached out to local businesses owned by women in the community to purchase gift cards for female employees on site. Each woman was recognized by their supervisor during their morning meeting and presented with a gift card and a signed letter from the leadership team expressing their thanks for their hard work and commitment to excelling as a women in the mining industry.

Brazil Operations

In Brazil, the virtual event ‘Diálogos Inclusivos Especial do Dia Internacional da Mulher’ (Inclusive Dialogues International Women’s Day Special), was hosted by Rodrigo Gomides, Director & Deputy General Manager, Ana Cunha, Government Relations and Social Responsibility Director, Eduardo Magalhães, HR IT & Supply Chain Director, and Maria Montalvão, Vice-President, Legal.

The purpose of the event was to speak with employees on the importance of gender equality and ways we can actively encourage an inclusive and diverse work environment.

Chile Operations 

In Chile, the team has dedicated the month of March to the women of Kinross Chile. The team kicked off its celebrations with a commemorative dinner for female employees with a special musical performance from a local Chilean artist. Attendees were presented with gift packages that included an invitation to a gala that will take place on March 17th that will feature a motivational speech from a surprise guest speaker about women in the workplace.

Las Palmas

At the Las Palmas office, employees had the opportunity to participate in a team building exercise that encouraged employees to empathize with different situations related to inclusion and diversity that could arise in a professional and/or personal context and find solutions for how to best react to them.

Chirano, Ghana

At our Chirano mine in Ghana, the team hosted a ‘health talk’ with an external specialist to discuss female medical concerns, in particular cervical cancer, followed by a three-day cervical cancer screening clinic hosted by medical specialists for women interested in participating. Captured below, the team shows their support with the official #BreakTheBias symbol for 2022.

Tasiast, Mauritania

At our Tasiast mine in Mauritania, female employees kicked off their day with a tour of the mine followed by a conference with the theme ‘Women as key actors in the Mauritanian economy’.  Paul Rollinson, President & CEO, Claude Schimper, Executive Vice-President, Russia and West Africa operations, and Kathleen Grandy, Senior Vice-President, Global Human Resources, who were on site for an operational visit took the opportunity to join the planned activities.

The day concluded with a networking reception and dinner where female employees had the opportunity to meet with leadership and discuss their goals for themselves and the mine as it relates to women in mining. 


In Russia, female employees were gifted with Women’s Day care packages and took part in a series of leisure activities including pottery classes, jewelry-making and creating floral arrangements.

Silver Winner: Diego Munoz Flores, Tire Repair Supervisor, Chile
November 14, 2023

Silver Winner: Diego Munoz Flores, Tire Repair Supervisor, Chile

Gold Winner: João Roberto Bonatti Filho, Administrative Analyst, Paracatu   
November 14, 2023

Gold Winner: João Roberto Bonatti Filho, Administrative Analyst, Paracatu   

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