See how Kinross Chile is supporting indigenous communities during COVID-19

Kinross Chile recently partnered with ‘Fundación Proyecto Ser Humano,’ a non-profit organization in the Atacama region, to facilitate online sewing workshops for members of the Colla and Paipote indigenous communities. Through the workshops, community members learned different ways to sew face coverings out of everyday household materials.

The workshops were created to assist members of these communities to protect themselves against COVID-19. In order to speed up distribution, volunteers from Kinross and their families have begun sewing masks and recently hit the milestone of 1,200 face coverings!

Watch this video to see how the community is working together to make face coverings:

“This is an excellent initiative that connects our employees with their neighbours while providing community members with a tangible skill that can save lives,” said Rolando Cubillos, Vice-President and General Manager, Chile. “Face coverings are essential to keeping our people and our operating region safe, and we are proud of the success that has come as a result of this program. Great work!”

A volunteer delivers face coverings to a community member
Volunteers with their masks prior to distribution
A volunteer sews face coverings in her home