See how Kinross’ Nevada mines scored at the 2019 NvMA Operator Safety Awards

Kinross’ Nevada operations received top scores at this year’s Nevada Mining Association (NvMA) Mine Operator Safety Awards. Bald Mountain placed first in the small metal category while Round Mountain placed third in the large metal category.

The awards celebrate Nevada mining operations’ safety efforts and evaluate performance based on the number of employees and hours worked, lost-time accidents, reportable incidents, and lost-time days to arrive at an overall 2018 safety score.

“We are very proud of Round Mountain and Bald Mountain being ranked in the top three safest mines in Nevada,” said Neil JensenVice-President and General Manager, Round Mountain. “A special thanks to all employees for making this accomplishment possible and prioritizing safety each day.”

Four employees from Round Mountain also received safety awards for their exemplary safety practices in the workplace:

  • Gary SvobodaTraining Superintendent, Round Mountain – NvMA Safety Professional Award
  • Danny BuelnaElectrical General Foreman, Round Mountain – NvMA General Supervisor Safety Award
  • Judy BowmanProcess Operator, Round Mountain – NvMA Safety Champion
  • Darrick Musselman, Process Operator, Round Mountain – NvMA Safety Champion

“Our individual award winners are shining examples of the type of employees we have working at our Nevada operations,” said RW Carver, Health, Safety and Training Manager, Round Mountain. “These are model employees who keep our First Priority of health and safety at the forefront of their daily operations and we are proud to have them on our team.”

Bald Mountain employees accept their first place award at the NvMA Award ceremony 

Round Mountain accepts their third place award at the NvMA Award ceremony 

Round Mountain employees with their individual awards and the site’s large metal award